5 Private Companies that Need MPA Grads

Maybe an MPA student’s coursework sounds interesting to you, but a career in government service is less appealing. Don’t drop that program brochure just yet. There are many job options for a highly qualified MPA, and not all of them involve government offices. Here are some private business interests that seek out graduates with an MPA for a variety of company positions.


Although a news organization might seem like a strange place for an MPA to land, it’s less bizarre than one would think. CNN, as a leading source of news filling 24 hours’ worth of content a day, is constantly hungry for new perspectives and ideas, but also needs those ideas grounded in a firm understanding of context. MPAs, with their extensive knowledge of the workings of policy apparatuses, are able to add a level of analysis on public affairs, focusing on the operational level.


Retail giant Wal-Mart is always looking for qualified people to help expand its extensive operations. Administrating its gargantuan holdings requires a steady hand and creativity. As such, Wal-Mart’s decision-makers look for the solid training and diverse skill set of an MPA graduate when deciding who will lead the company into the future. Don’t believe us? Michael Camp, Wal-Mart’s Director of Global HR Operations-PMO, has an MPA.


Information technology has grown rapidly and is now a key component of many diverse degree tracks and majors. MPAs who find that they enjoy the IT and communications portions of their curriculum might consider forwarding their resume to international tech giant Google. The company hires MPAs to help coordinate communication across their many branches and keep the company up to date on the ever-changing body of laws and regulations facing an Internet company with a truly global reach.


Most students living on a grad income have a hard time envisioning themselves driving luxury cars, let alone helping to sell them. But Mercedes-Benz has been known to hire MPAs for their marketing operations. After all, national policies regarding safety standards and manufacturing heavily influence how cars are made and sold. MPA graduates help the automaker to stay in compliance and make sure their marketing plans fit in with the various cultures they are operating in.


Do your peers frequently talk about how animated you are? Then maybe a career at DreamWorks is just the thing for you. DreamWorks is a leading producer of film and animated movies, and uses the administrative skills of MPAs to keep its legions of animators working smoothly and harmoniously. This is a great opportunity for those who want a bit more visibility and prestige. How many other jobs could end up with your name in the credits of the next big animated hit?

Remember, MPAs don’t necessarily have to work for the government. There are many opportunities in the private and non-profit sector as well. Take a good, long look at what you want to be doing with your life, and find a job to match. You’ll be glad you did!